Hi there!

I call this blog “Merely curious”, because I am extremely curious. Very often when I look into something, curiosity is my main driver. As a result, the blog does not have any main topic, but instead I write about whatever interests me at the moment. Apart from that I live in Munich and work in software.

New posts are posted on Tuesdays and weekends.

So far my the most popular post is “Interactive Brokers commissions: fixed vs tiered”.

If you want to reach me (e.g. feedback, questions, suggestions, ideas) - twitter, reddit, email - merelycurious protonmail.com. If you are unsure whether you should write to me, please use “The worst that can happen” principle (post). These days I don’t get that much feedback (I am going forward pretty blindly with the blog), so I will (with high probability) enjoy your feedback.

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