I’ve noticed that some impro games can be played in a group unrelated to impro (e.g. work colleagues at a party). Here is my compilation of such games.


For many impro games one needs a special crowd, which won’t judge and so on (for more details see my post-reflection about impro in general). However, there are many other games, which are just fun and would work even for people outside of impro. The main requirement is that they don’t require too much free-form input. E.g. if it is a work party and you suggest to make a scene, either everyone will feel uncomfortable (the context is wrong) or someone will say something too dramatic and this will be misunderstood.

By the way, I have previously collected impro games for two people, which might be of interest.

Disclaimer about the source

I don’t make up any games here, I just reference them from improwiki.com.


  • Alien Tiger Cow - on count of 3, everyone represents one of 3 figures. The goal is to converge to one figure.

  • Be My Fan - people play Rock-Paper-Scissors, the one losing becomes a fan of the winner and cheers them up.

  • Blind Stalker - people wander around the room (with people-bouncers at the walls) with closed eyes, there may be a vampire (when they catch someone that person should shout and stop) and person reviving (they can revive someone who was caught).

  • Bunny Bunny - pass the bunny with a special hand-finger motion (people around the bunny can do something special as well).

  • Digits - count to 21 without any synchronization.

  • Hand Loops (no source, played at a workshop) - everyone gets into a circle and looks down. Then people go towards each other with their hands in front of them. They hold on one other hand with each hand. Then they try to undo “the knot” without releasing the hands.

  • Forming molecules - everyone wanders around, a leader shouts a number, everyone tries to form groups of this size. When the group is formed they hold hands and sit down.

  • Group Stop - everyone wanders around, when someone freezes, everyone should freeze. When all freeze, everyone starts wandering around again.

  • Triangle - each player takes two other players as references without telling anyone. Then they try to form an equal triangle with them. Another variation - try to keep one selected person in the middle between you and the other person (like a bodyguard and a killer).

  • You - define a chain randomly. Pass “You” across the chain. Define another chain e.g. with fruits. Pass “fruits”. Add more chains (e.g. sounds, movements).

  • Samurai - one establishes eye contact with someone, raises their sword with “Heeee!”, the other person catches the sword with “Hu!”, then they do their “Heeee!” and people around them “cut them in half” synchronously with “Haaaa!”.

  • 3 X different - two players count 1, 2, 3 one by one. Then they replace 2 with a movement. Then they replace 3 with e.g. saying a name of a famous person (each time different).


  • Cross Circle - ones names someone, when the receiver acknowledges, one starts walking towards them. The receiver has to name someone else and start walking before the first person reaches them.

  • Name Pointing (no source, played at a workshop) -

    • (level 1) point at someone, say your name.
    • (level 2) point at someone, say their name.
    • (level 3) point at someone, say third person name, the second person has to point at the third person.

No interaction

  • Circle Up - shake each hand and leg 7 times, then 6 and so on.