I have a lot of ideas what to write about and much less time to do so. As an attempt to prioritize ideas better, I publish their brief descriptions here. This allows me to evaluate how interesting an idea is based on its page views.


  • Motivating yourself with intermediate value theorem
    Unexpected application of intermediate value theorem to real life and motivation.
  • German tax declaration (Steuererklärung)
    How to fill it in? Ways to "save" money.
  • Making rainstick
    How to make it and the result.
  • NHS recommended way of living
    Overview of UK National Health Service advice and information they provide.
  • More conservative safe withdrawal rate
    Let's redefine it from "not running out of money" to "having more than initially" and see what happens.
  • [UNSOLVED] Lidl price tags: what does 1m, 2m, 4m mean?
    Do you know?
  • Let's have a look at German statistics
    German government publishes hundreds of pages stats, let's look into it and find something interesting.
  • Overview of FI bloggers and their progress
    Just curious to see the distribution of their FI percentage.
  • Ratios of components in frozen fruit and vegetable mixes.
    How much and what you buy when you buy a frozen vegetable or fruit mix. Does it make sense?
  • Disadvantages of FIRE
    Everyone talks about how wonderful FIRE can be, let's see possible negative sides of it.
  • Birds of paradise and their quirks
    They have abundance of food and spend their time in peculiar mating rituals. Doesn't this remind humanity?
  • Bio products
    What makes them bio? Are they better? Should I buy them?
  • What makes shampoos different.
    Their ingredients look pretty similar. Are they different at all?
  • Bottled water
    Why does its price vary so much? How it is different from tap water?
  • How to convert USD from US to EUR in Europe (cheapest way)?
    There are multiple ways, let's compare how much do they cost.
  • Browser extension to remove hot questions from stack overflow
    I am too curious when it comes to hot questions on stack overflow and I often find myself interrupted. Thus, let's remove that block by creating an extension.
  • Writing js user script to remove incoming mail quantity from Gmail
    Always wanted to write a js user script and I've always been bothered by number of incoming unread emails in gmail. Let's write a script to remove this number.
  • UK and US foreign travel advice.
    Both countries provide a great advice about all other countries in the world.